Apalis IMX6 LVDS flickering display

When using the wince 7 1.0 beta6 bsp I am having problems with a flickering display.
Before I ran the 1.0 beta5 image and the display is working good. I used the exact same registry settings.

Is there a possibility to use the driver from beta5 and place it in the beta6 platform?

Display registries

Here you can find a temporary image with a fix for LVDS displays.

This image is working. But this is not a solution for my problem. I am running on WCE 7 and this image is WCE 8.

Isn’t there a solution where i can replace the nk.exe or any driver, that is the cause of the problem, in my platform files?

Sorry, my mistake.
Here’s Compact 7 version:

Is it possible to send me the changed files in the BSP?

I have a similar issue with Yocto (kernel 3.14.52).
Does anyone may know the cause?

This issue was related to Windows Embedded Compact, on Linux you may need to adjust display timings by changing the kernel command line. It’s better if you open a new ticked and set imx6 linux and LVDS as tags so it will be brought to the attention of our Linux team.