Apalis iMX6 Linux Image and Vivante GPU FB support

Hi all…

I have downloaded this iMX6 Linux Image:


and want to build Qt5.7 with the Vivante EGLFS support.

But I have some problems:

  1. Seems, that the Linux repository has not the Vivante’s EGL headers package: If I have installed the EGL mesa development package:

opkg install libegl-mesa-dev --nodeps

then the /usr/include/EGL/eglvivante.h file are missed, and Qt will be compiled with the EGLFS via X11 support, so, the EGLFS IMX6 support will be disabled!

  1. If I have replaced all /usr/include/EGL/ headers with this headers:

then compilation fails for Vivante’s support. The linker can not find “fbGetDisplayByIndex” function from the libEGL.so library.

Though, this function is available in the same libEGL.so library from this link:

So, my questions is:

  1. Why Linux image has not appropriate “good” IMX6’s Vivante’s EGL libraries?

  2. Is it possible to replace provided libEGL (and others libraries) to others with the appropriate features support?


For using EGLFS, it would be recommended to build the console-trdx-image and then follow the instructions here. Note that using recent OE core, meta-qt5 layer would be automatically included. To reiterate as per the article

For using framebuffer with EGLFS (only supported on iMX6) and building an image without the X11 and LXDE desktop environment, use the console-trdx-image target and add the following to the “build/conf/local.conf” in addition to the above

DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = "x11 wayland"
IMAGE_INSTALL_remove = "eglinfo-x11"

Also add these lines to oe-core/stuff/meta-toradex/recipes/images/console-trdx-image.bb

 IMAGE_INSTALL_append_mx6 = " \
     eglinfo-fb \

Ok, many thanks, I will try it…

If not sure, add in local.conf:

DISTRO_FEATURES remove = "x11 wayland"

PACKAGECONFIG_GL_pn-qtbase = "gles2"

Cleiton Bueno

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