Apalis iMX6 cansniffer command missing?

Module: apalis imx6
Board: apalis evk
Image: angstrom-qt5-x11-image (through yocto build)

I notice I can run the candump command but when I try the cansniffer it is not there. Any ideas?

Yes, there exist two flavours of Linux CAN utilities: canutils (PTX flavour) which our BSPs come with by default and can-utils. You may build your custom image with the other flavour if that suits you better.

Thanks! I checked the “build your custom image” link but there was no mention of the can-utils so how can I build this? I know this is a dumb question but I’m also a newbie wrt yocto build so please pardon me on this one…


Add IMAGE_INSTALL += “canutils” to you local.conf and compile the image you want.
Your compiled image will have the packet canutils.

My bad! I checked the can-utils link and I’ll proceed from there. Thanks.

Perfect, thanks for the feedback.