Apalis iMX6 Boot Mode pins

In the datasheet, there is a boot mode 0 and 1 (pins 63 and 87). Is there something on the module that sets these, and if so, what is it set to. Is it possible to set it differently on a custom carrier board or should it be changed on the module?

You can leave both these pins disconnected unless you want the ability to enter recovery mode using your custom carrier board. To support recovery mode on your carrier board, you can place a button on (or simply expose) pin 63. Pin 63 can be pulled up with a 1k resistor to enter recovery mode. Recovery mode can also be entered by shorting pads on the top of the module. Refer to the “Recovery Mode” section of the Apalis iMX6 datasheet for more information.

it not working ,two pads shorted and using usb01 to host computer connection is not establishing and showing “error from flow control urb” see the below picture as reference .
give me some suggestion to boot my board in recovery mode.

Could you ask a new question, please? Add all the needed information and an error log instead of a picture? Thanks.