Apalis iMX6 Backup Battery Charging

For Apalis imx6Q 2GB IT V1.1C with Ixora V1.1A, I wonder whether the backup battery for RTC can be charged when the primary power is connected. If it can be charged, it will be charged automatically after the primary power is connected or needs commands? If it needs commands, what commands does it need? Thank you.

Dear @Xtgcs19,
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The Ixora carrier board does not offer RTC backup battery charging capabilities. The BAT1 Battery holder allows you to use standard coin cell batteries (more details about the retainers and compatible batteries here: https://www.keyelco.com/userAssets/file/M65p9.pdf).

The Ixora features a 22uF capacitor (C50) which will keep the RTC running for about 10 seconds during the battery exchange process.

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