Apalis iMX 6 with Ixora carrier board not starting

My Apalis with Ixora are not working anymore. When I press the On/Off switch only LED1 is turning on(green),
LEDs 4 and 5 (related to the MXM3 connector) are not turning on.
Any suggestions ? Tried to enter recovery mode… did not work. Don’t know what to do next.

What did you do for recovery and what does not work there?

Hello, I tried this https://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/imx-recovery-mode#Apalis_iMX6
I changed the Apalis board with another one, and seems to work… so I have an Apalis that just died…

It’s not so easy to kill an Apalis module. I’d suggest to try to recover it one more time. You can fill an RMA form if module is still on warranty.

Tried again, only LED1 is turning on on the Ixora board, and in the recovery app “no matching USB device found” any other suggestions ?

If module is still on a warranty you can fill an RMA form.