Apalis imx 6 and mainline kernel

Dear All,

I have a question what features and devices are not supported in newest stable mainline kernel under apalis imx.6? What is the biggest advantage to use kernel 4.1.2 provided by toradex over mainline kernel?

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In theory feature wise there are only a very few last things left to be implemented in mainline as compared to downstream. One e.g being the IIO ADC driver which should not even be that hard to do. Camera while not yet merged now has patches floating around. But in practise of course you won’t find any nicely integrated BSP like downstream is at least not as of yet. That said we at Toradex are committed to bring you such integration however this takes time. We started off with a mainline Apalis TK1 machine and plan to further progress with our i.MX6 based products as well.