Apalis i.MX8 SOM booting sequence

Hello All,

We are using Apalis i.MX8 SOM on our hardware.
I am trying to find booting media order for the Apalis i.MX8.
I this below is the default booting media priority for Apalis i.MX8.

  1. SD card
  2. EMMC
  3. USB

Is this correct default booting media priority order for Apalis i.MX8?

Prathamesh Kulkarni

Hi @prathamesh.kulkarni ,
You can get this information in your u-boot environment.
Stop at u-boot and enter printenv to see the u-boot environment.
You can further check “print bootcmd” , “print distro_bootcmd”, “print boot_targets” to get the information on boot order.