Apalis carrier board spacers


Our team is working on custom carrier board, designed to work with Apalis modules. Currently we are using i.MX 6 modules, but in future may we we will switch to other module from Apalis family.

We would like to design our carrier board with optional heatsink. Regarding the reference design documents there can be up to 5 spacers/supports - 4 placed in the edges of heatsink and one under the module.

We plan to use Wurth Electronics spacers designed for soldering. Is it possible to connect them to ground? In Ixora schematics all spacers are left floating.

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hello @Ivan_Gorchev,

Yes, the standoffs Can be connected to GND. Make sure you use thick traces for lower Impedance.
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are any more questions on this topic? Do you need more help?

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Matthias Gohlke

Hello, Matthias,

thank you very much for the reply. All clear.

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Ivan Gorchev