Apalis Carrier Board: IT replacement for the RJ45 connector

Hi team,

A customer is currently designing an IT temp (at least -25ºC to 85ºC) compatible for Apalis and asked us for a RJ45 Connector with Integrated Ethernet Magnetics.

I believe the current part used from the Apalis Eval Board and Ixora, etc. is L829-1JIT-43 from Belfuse which is 0ºC-70ºC only (according to the local sales office from Belfuse). I believe this part is specially critical because it needs to match electrical characteristics such as OCL, cross talk attenuation, insertion loss, return loss and DCMR (If we find a part that is not 100% equivalent then the Ethernet port may not work)

Do we know any suitable replacement?

Thanks and regards,

Hi @alvaro.tx,
I would recommend using one of the following parts:

Thanks @diego.tx !