Apalis Bootloader 1.3.1 reports version 1.3

It seems that the new bootloader 1.3.1 incorrectly reports it’s version to be 1.3.0.

In our update process we’re checking the bootloader version to see if we need to update the bootloader. Therefore we need the bootloader version to be reported correctly.

Dear @haide

The bootloader output on the serial port correctly reports the version V1.3.1:

Toradex Bootloader 1.3.1 for iMX6 Built May 22 2018

The Update Library and the Update Tool only support major and minor version numbers. Therefore I’m afraid it is not possible to distinguish between V1.3 and V1.3.1.
We hardly ever relese such versions. It was only in response to a fatal build error of V1.3 which rendered the bootloader V1.3 unusable (see release notes for details).

Regards, Andy

in that case we will not switch to the bootloader 1.3.1, because we’re using an apalis module which doesn’t seem to be affected by the fixed problem

Dear @haide
I still recommend to switch to bootloader V1.3.1. Otherwise the eMMC is accessed with timings that are slightly out of spec. Even though we didn’t observe any problems on Apalis modules so far, we cannot guarantee that this will work reliably on all production lots.
Regards, Andy

We will use bootloader 1.3.1 in our next release.

There are already some devices in the field with bootloader 1.3.0.
Our update process will not update the bootloader on those devices, because it can’t distinguish between 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 and assumes that the bootloader is already up-to-date.