Apalis 4-Layer Gerber Files


Are there any 4-layer carrier boards for the Apalis series, for which there are gerber files available? I’ve reviewed the Ixora, which appears to be a 6-layer board. Is the Apalis Evaluation Board 4- or 6-layer? Any clarification and/or links to gerber files would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I’ve just read in the Apalis Evaluation Board datasheet that it is in fact a 4-layer board. As such, would it be possible to download the gerber files?

Dear @jars121,

thank you very much for contacting the Toradex Developer Community.

Yes, you are right, the Apalis Evaluation Board uses a 4 layers PCB.

Do you use Altium? If yes, you can export the Gerber files directly from the Altium project that you can find here:


Even if you don’t use Altium for your design, you can easily download the viewer and explore the complete Evaluation Board project. That’s probably even better than viewing Gerber files.

I really hope this helps, please don’t hesitate to get back to us if you need further help.

Thanks @diego.tx, much appreciated as always! I don’t use Altium unfortunately, but I’m downloading the viewer now. Would it be possible to have the gerber files exported from Altium, as they have been for the Ixora board?

I’m viewing the Altium project now with the 6-month trial download, thanks again for the recommendation.

Dear @jars121,
no worries at all, please don’t hesitate to write again if needed.