Any project idea For My Website?

Hi Friends,

I have one Colibri device lying around from one of my friend who gave it away to me for free. I run this small website. Is there any project or ideas you would recommend that I can use it in together?

Hi James,

sure we have some ideas. Which colibri Module do you have exactly? And which carrier board?
You can check here which module you have.

That helps a bit in recommending some Project.

You could make a little home automation system using the I/O ports to connect some sensors.
I can provide you with some links to a few hobbyist sites where you can buy a few low cost parts.
And our website provides the so called getting started guides which you can follow along to do some littel project to get familar with the some.
Check this here.

Also check out the Toradex easy Installer.

When the Modules are shipped they come with the Toradex easy installer on it. You can then select what image you want to install. Since yours has already something on it you could can also reinstall the easy installer and start from scratch with the getting started guide.

Best Reragrds,

Matthais G