Animated splash image for Linux


Following this instructions, I’ve successfully loaded my custom boot splash screen image. However, I would like to use kind of “animated splash screen” (e.g. gif file). Anyone achieved this already? Any suggestions or guides how to do it?

I guess that may be achieved e.g. using plymouth however, we at Toradex have no experience doing so.

Actually, the tip branch of dietsplash may support simple animations as well and may be much better suited for Embedded Linux use cases then full-blown plymouth.

Marcel, Thx very much!!! I’ll give it a try and get back to you and the community with the outcome.


You are very welcome.

@Kerim did you manage to get an animated splash working? I’ll be looking to do something similar in the near future, so would love to hear of any success/failures you’ve had.

were you able to make animated splash?
if yes how?

Unfortunately, we have postponed this project and so far we use a simple, “still” image as a splash screen. However, in the next few months, we will have resources to initiate this task once again. I’ll try to keep you updated of any successful outcome. Cheers!

thanks for the update.