Android on MX8QM


I am not able to boot into Android (using micro-SD card). I followed the instructions as outlined here.

After flashing the SD card, inserting it into the Ixora board & turning it on, it still boots with the pre-installed linux (the one with the wayland terminal). What do I need to do to ensure it is booting from the SD card with the Android OS ?

It looks like v1.0B of the SOM is preconfigured to boot using eMMC and the kynetics instructions may not be up to date?

I am connecting to a HD display.

This is the version that I downloaded
Android 9.0.0 (HDMI) - MD5: 8485f5f5c926392b9509a71ad125e827
Revision: ga-eval-1.0-snapshot-20190516-hdmi
Release Date: 2019-05-17 07:11:15

HW details
Apalis iMX8QM 4GB WB V1.0B
Ixora V1.1A


Hello @ponots and Welcome to the Toradex Community!

The described procedure will work only for Apalis iMX8QM v1.0A and not for v1.0B. This is due to the fact that v1.0A boots only from SD Card and 1.0B only from eMMC.

Kynetics will soon update the instructions for flashing Android Demo Images on Apalis iMX8QM 1.0B.

Thanks for your understanding.

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thanks Jaski. Can you provide a ballpark ECD for when the updated instructions will be provided ?

Hi @ponots,
Kynetics is working on the release of v1.0B support which should be available in 1-2 weeks.
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hi @ponots

The release for version 1.0B is available here.

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