Android on Apalis iMX8 without BT

Hi all,
we would like to use our Apalis iMX8 (pn: 00471102) to perform some tests on Android OS.
Unfortunately, our module isn’t equipped with WiFi / Bluetooth (pn: 00371102) and therefore the Toradex Easy Installer won’t install any of the available Android images, stating “image not compatible with this module”.

Does anyone know if it would be still possible to install the OS, even with some limitations?

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Hi @dfrei ,

Welcome back to the Toradex Community.

Normally, the Toradex Easy Installer uses the wired ethernet port and does not rely on Wifi. For example, using the Ixora board you can connect the carrier to the internet by using the ethernet port present on the carrier.

Could you please share which carrier board you’re using?

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Hi @kevin.tx

we use the Ixora Carrier Board (V1.2A) in combination with the Apalis iMX8QM 4GB IT.

It took me quite some time to stumble upon this page (Partner Demo Image - Kynetics Android) where I noticed that the supported module is :

  • Apalis iMX8QM 4GB WB IT V1.0B/V1.1B/V1.1C

while our model is:

  • Apalis iMX8QM 4GB IT V1.1C (without the WB, which from by understanding relates to the WiFi/Bluetooth).

Therefore my question was: would it still be possible to install the Android images with some limitations, even if our model isn’t equipped with WiFi /Bluetooth, or do we mandatory have to get the version with WiFi/Bluetooth?

From my latest investigation, to override the current installation block, it would be sufficient to add the “0047” string to the “supported_product_ids” array in the images.json file provided with the Android firmware. (We have downloaded the FW from both Kynetics /Toradex and loaded them on a USB drive to have them available on the Toradex Easy Installer).

Thank you and best regards

Hi @dfrei !

It’s possible to work but be aware that some errors/warnings could appear on your boot process. Could you please test it?

Best regards,