Analogue Camera Adapter: Switch Analog Input

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I’ve one more question, how can I switch the analog input of the module? I’m trying to find this looking at the code example here without success. Thanks in advanced.

Dear @skabo

I quickly checked the demo code. Please look at the file sensor_yuv_ADV7280.c. In line 335 ff. there are the statements:

//Enable autodetection 
if(I2CBurstWrite(I2C_ADDRESS, data, ADV7280_INPUT_CONTROL, 1)  == FALSE) goto ERROR_EXIT;

if(I2CBurstWrite(I2C_ADDRESS, data, ADV7280_AUTODETECT_ENABLE, 1)  == FALSE) goto ERROR_EXIT;

I checked out the ADV7280 User Guide:
The input selection is described in Table 104. User Sub Map Register Descriptions.

I expect it should be sufficient to replace the constant ADV7280_INPUT_CONTROL_COMPOSITE_IN1 with the appropriate value, and disable autodetection.

Regards, Andy

ok, I’ll test it and back to you.