Analog video inputs VF61 (Windows)

The Colibri VF61 module has analog video inputs VADCSE0 - VADCSE3 (SODIMM 162,164,166,168). Where can I find the description or examples of how to use these inputs (Windows)?. I need to digitize the video and save it to file.

Is there any DirectShow filter for input video signals from analog video inputs in the OS image?


We currently don’t have this feature on our roadmap as we never got any request about it. You can find it in our “Not Planned” section here:
If you are interested in this feature, please let us know your schedule for this feature and also more details about your project and what exactly you need. Please send your answer directly to referring to this question here. We will then check if we can add the implementation of this feature to our roadmap.

Thanks you, I understood

What is about Colibri iMX6? When do you plan to implement support for camera parallel interface in module Colibri iMX6?


Please create a new question next time for new topics. Thanks.
The parallel camera feature is currently under discussion for iMX6. At the moment we scheduled that for Q4 2016. If you have a concrete project with a schedule for this feature, please let us know as we could try to match your schedule, however, I cannot guarantee that we could do it earlier.