Analog camera adapter with Viola Plus board

I am creating a pin out table before creating a custom cable to connect the Analog Camera Module to the Viola Plus Board + Colibri i.MX6.

Most of the pin mapping is pretty straight forward except for:




Should the iMX6 video capture work without those signals?

It appears that CIF_D_2 - CIF_D_9 are brought out to X9 and X10 headers. Can an updated device tree (similar to imx6dl-colibri-cam-eval-v3.dtb) be used to map those into the IMX6 ? That is, create a mapping of CIF_D_0-7 on the analog camera adapter to CIF_D_2-9 of the Viola Plus / iMX6? I believe that since the analog camera is outputting 8-bit BT.656, I don’t need CIF_D_8-11

Alternatively, it looks like I can get CIF_D_0 from X7, pin 5.

CIF_D_10 is at resistor R46

CIF_D_11 is not connected coming out of the SODIMM connector.

So maybe with some very fine soldering, I can make a cable equivalent to the Colibri Evaluation Board…

Please advise on the best way to build this cable.

Thank you!

Preliminary adapter cable pin mapping

I’m sorry, but Viola is really not prepared to be used with a parallel camera.

Ah, OK. Well it probably shouldn’t be listed on the accessories then:

Also the “1x” Camera Parallel interface shouldn’t be listed here if it’s not supported:

Sorry, that was my bad. I was misinformed concerning Viola Plus V1.2 camera functionality. As stated in its data sheet on page 21 the camera parallel interface is very well available on pins routed to X9 and X10. Concerning software support you will need to use the -cam device tree as indicated here. Concerning cabling you will have to sort it out by studying Viola as well as ACA resp. ACM data sheets.