AM62 + Dahlia + 10" Display


  • AM62 quad core
  • Dahlia v1.1
  • 10.1" display
  • Toradex Embedded Linux Reference Multimedia Image v6.4.0+build.8 (2023-10-04)

Nothing came up on the LCD. Are there configuration settings required to use this display?

Also, the display came with a long white flex cable – is this required to hook up the display?

The HDMI display adapter does work with the same setup.

The Dahlia board lacks an LVDS connector, so even though the Verdin AM62 module features a native LVDS interface to connect to Toradex’s 10.1-inch display, you will need the Verdin DSI to LVDS Adapter. Additionally, you need to install the verdin-am62_dsi-to-lvds_panel-cap-touch-10inch-lvds_overlay.dtbo
Device Tree overlay. For display connection please refer to this article.

Thanks, that worked!

The touch seems a little sensitive – touching the console button causes dozens of terminal windows to start. Otherwise, seems to be working great!