Am I using incompatible antenas?


I am trying to setup wifi on my imx8mp via this article but have no options available when I run nmcli device wifi list on the SoM.

I am using these antenas, could you tell me if they’re compatible with the imx8mp wifi/bt chip? They seem to be attached properly so I suspect either they aren’t the right ones or there’s an issue with my torizon build (running custom image built with tcb).

If you are unable to confirm whether the antenas are compatible can you confirm that these will work with my imx8mp?

Hey @bengur,

You have referenced our old developer pages, would you mind review our newer one? Here is an article on compatible antennas.

Can you tell me what SoM you have and also what specific errors are you running into? Is the wifi working but not at the speeds expected?


SoM: Verdin iMX8M Plus Quad 4GB Wi-Fi / Bluetooth IT

I am trying to setup wifi for the first time. I am not receiving an error, the issue is that I do not get any output from running nmcli device wifi list on the SoM (first step in quick-guide to configuring wifi) and aren’t sure whether the antennas I have attached are compatible with my SoM.

I am looking for assistance in setting up wifi on my SoM, starting with confirmation that the antennas I’m using may not be compatible.

Hey @bengur,

You should be able to see the wifi list w/o having the antennas connected. I do not know if you antenna’s will work as we have not validated them. But you seem to be having other issues if you do not get an output from nmcli device wifi list

Can you verify which .dts you have built your image for? There are specifics for wifi and non-wifi, as seen here:


Also if you are using TorizonCore 6, can you post the output from tdx-info ?

*edit, Saw you reference tcb


Hey @bengur,

Where you able to find a solution to this?


Yes I was able to get it to work just now, I had it built for the nonwifi dts.

Thanks for the help!