Alternatives to DS-5 (for M4/iMx7 Development on Windows)

Can you recommend a (free) Development Environment for the Cortex M4 on Windows?

Dear @SimonNu

There’s various options, just to list a few:

All free solutions I’m aware of are based on the GNU toolchain (cmake / gcc / gdb), so you will have to install these tools first.

  • Use the GNU toolchain (cmake / gcc / gdb) on the command line. This is the easiest to setup, but of course does not offer any interactivity e.g. for debgging.

  • Configure Eclipse to use the GNU toolchain.
    There are several tutorials around, such as:
    Tutorial: Building FreeRTOS Applications for ARM Cortex-M4 on i.MX7 with Eclipse
    GPIO example using Eclipse

  • Use Visual Studio Code
    Actually a good light-weight variant. I tested this successfully, but don’t have any tutorial ready yet. If you want to go this route, I can give you at least some guidelines.

Regards, Andy