Alternative toolchain to develop Qt for WinCE 6

I know it’s possible (and well described) how to use VS2008 to develop a Qt application for WinCE 6.
Since VS2008 is quite old, I wonder if a different toolchain can be used for this purpose (i.e. develop a Qt application for a Toradex module running WinCE 6).
I’m not an expert, but I found these two projects, but I don’t know if they can be used (and how)

Could someone clairfy this doubt, please?

Is it possible to use Qt Creator configuring it so that it uses a proper toolchain?

Toradex does not provide any alternative tool chain currently. Also it may be possible to use other tools you may always have some problems like debugger not working properly, issues with deployment and so on. So the question is, if it makes sense to go for an alterative toolchain really makes sense.

Basically it should be possible, to use the QT Creator and later on debug / deploy the projects in VS2008. We do not have a step by step documentation for this. Some stuff you find on our developer website: .

Hello Samuel,
first of all, sorry for my delayed feedback but I missed your answer until today.
I’ve completed some tests in the past few weeks and I think the best option is to stay on VS2008 compiler.
But I like Qt creator as IDE interface and I was able to configure it for a “Desktop” target.
I followed the steps described in the Toradex website
When I try to configure for “WinCE 6” target (which I called “Toradex”) I get the warning shown in the attached file and I can’t successfully complete the setup.
[upload|+c7HaPzNwOyNrk7dOxC/SYPqiGc=] [upload|hoTzSc6c/xYZ4Lt7DhWDDXxVGg8=]
Do you have an idea why I get the message?
The compiler “Toradex_CE600 (ARMv4I)” (arm-windows-ce-pe-32bit) may not produce code compatible with the Qt version “Qt 4.8.4 (4.8.4)” (arm-windows-ce-pe-unknown)

Did you check once the manual compiler settings? May be there is something you can configure.

Qt Creator does not have any support for debugging for a WinCE target, as Microsoft does not offer any debugger which can be used other then Visual Studio. Its a lot of effort to reverse engineer a debugger. There is a cegcc, but thats quite old and we had issues with it as well back then when we used it.

And yes has only support for wince 5.

Clang/LLVM does only support linux arm if at all. So you are basically stuck with the VS 2008 compiler, hence thats why the Qt Project dropped the support for Qt 5.7, as the compiler is way too old and there are no alternatives.

I don’t find any manual setting in the compiler.
And I think the problem is inside the pre-compiled Qt I downloaded from Toradex website. As a matter of fact the libraries are seen as “Qt 4.8.4 (4.8.4)” (arm-windows-ce-pe-unknown)" and I don’t think “unknown” is a proper configuration.
Maybe it is a flag to add during the compilation of Qt for WinCE 6 target?

As I wrote into my comment to Samuel’s answer now I’m convinced the best option is to stay with VS2008, but I like configuring Qt creator so that it uses VS2008 tools to compile and debug.
This works for a “desktop” Windows target, but not for WinCE (see above my comment)

sorry for pushing, but is there any news on this issue?
Thanks in advance

@vix no not from our side so far.