Aktualizr-Torizon: Blocking Updates not working with BSP6.6


does allowing and blocking updates work with BSP6.6?
With a vanilla torizon-minimal Yocto image I get the following error

torizon@verdin-imx8mm-06898681:~$ sudo flock --verbose -x /run/lock/aktualizr-lock
flock: bad file descriptor: '/run/lock/aktualizr-lock'

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The issue you’re encountering with flock and /run/lock/aktualizr-lock suggests a problem with the lock file that aktualizr-torizon, the component responsible for handling updates in TorizonCore, uses to ensure that only one instance of the update process runs at a time.

First, ensure that the file /run/lock/aktualizr-lock exists. If it does not, there might be an issue with the initialization scripts or the aktualizr-torizon service configuration. You can attempt to manually create the directory and file to see if that resolves the issue:

  1. Create the lock directory if it doesn’t exist:

    sudo mkdir -p /run/lock
  2. Create a dummy lock file:

    sudo touch /run/lock/aktualizr-lock
  3. Try the flock command again.

However, this is more of a workaround than a solution. The error indicates that either the lock file is not being created properly by the system or flock is not able to interact with it as expected. This could be due to a variety of reasons, including permissions issues or differences in how the lock file is handled in the BSP 6.6 version you’re using.

Regarding your question about allowing and blocking updates with BSP6.6, the functionality should be supported as it is a part of the overall TorizonCore update mechanism managed by aktualizr-torizon. If you’re encountering issues specifically related to update control, it might be related to the error you’re seeing with the lock file, as proper operation of aktualizr-torizon is crucial for managing updates.

If manually creating the lock file does not resolve your issue, it could indicate a deeper problem with the aktualizr-torizon setup or a bug in the BSP 6.6 release. Since direct support and bug reporting are out of scope here, further investigation into the aktualizr-torizon documentation and any known issues with BSP 6.6 would be recommended steps.

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Could you please try with the sleep argument:
sudo flock --verbose -x /run/lock/aktualizr-lock -c "sleep 30"

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with the sleep argument the flock works.
Based on the description of the command, I thought that the command argument was optional.

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