Aktualizr OTA support

I wanted know whether aktualizr OTA supports imx6 series and could you please suggest the servers compatible for this client.

Hi @anushree ,

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If you are referring to our modules all SoMs that support TorizonCore can also have our OTA updates. In particular this applies to our Apalis iMX6 and Colibri iMX6DL, as indicated here: TorizonCore - Easy-to-use Industrial Linux Platform.

Do you intend to implement a custom OTA service? What do you mean exactly by compatible servers?

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Lucas Akira

Hi Lucas,
Thanks for your reply.
I meant whether there is any particular server which supports this client like mender or is it compatible with any server.

Dear @anushree,

Which module are you going to use?

Also, which OS do you plan to have on your SoM? From your tags it seems to be Torizon but I’d like to confirm.

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