ADV7280 on Apalis imx6 (BSP 5.0 LTS)

I am trying to grab video using the following from Toradex .

Apalis imx6DL,2GB
Ixora carrier Board V1.2A
Analog camera adaptor V2.0B
Yocto BSP 5-LTS

I am not able to see any prints in dmesg log for “adv”/“ADV”
lsmod does not show any driver related to ADV7280

Got to know that ADV7280 is obsoleted. Is it still possible to work with ADV7280 using the BSP 5 ? please point out the changes needed.


Hi @pcdash_tasl ,

Can you please share more details on exact software(OS) version you are testing with. Additionally please confirm if you have enabled device from device tree, if not kindly enable and then test. Or you can make overlay and use same to enable and disable device please take reference from below links

Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar

Hi Ritesh,

I am using Yocto from the link below and followed the steps to build the image.

The kernel version I can see is 5.4.193.

I can see the overlays folder in deploy/images. But there is no adv7280_overlay

Apalis i.MX6Q 2GIT V1.1C

Ixora V1.2A



Hi @pcdash_tasl,

You need to build or do changes in device tree by yourself. The overlay link which we shared is for BSP with mainline kernel (5.4.y).
To quickly test you can flash this(link) image, enable overlay and test.

Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar