Adjusting Storage Memory and Program memory WEC 2013


After reading this article in the knowledge base Set Memory Division the registry is the correct place to set the Storage/Program memory. Does this override the setting of FSRAMPERCENT in config.bib?

; --------------- Percentage of RAM allocated for the FS----------------
;   FSRAMPERCENT=0x80808080 (default setting which specifies 50 percent 
;                            of RAM allocated for the File System)
; To increase Program Memory, we have to decrease the percentage of RAM
; allocated for the file system.
;   FSRAMPERCENT=0x20202020 (0x20 * 4KB / 1MB = 12.5%)
; ----------------------------------------------------------------------

; EOF config.bib



I ended up having to modify the “StorageMemory” registry entry for HKLM\SOFTWARE\Toradex\Launcher in Files\files.reg in order to make this work.

If you don’t need to access storage memory or have a lot of extra free application memory very early in boot process, using the registry is the simplest solution.
What you set in config.bib will be used until launcher.exe starts, then the registry setting will be applied (by default is 10%).
You can remove the entry from your .reg files to prevent that from happening.

Very useful topic. Thanks.
A couple of points from my side:

  • the link to the KB doesn’t work (it includes the chars “),” into the link itself)
  • the KB needs a small improvement in the section Setting the Memory Division in the Registry: this registry configuration applies to Colibri iMX6 and VF61 too (at least - not only to PXA and Txx as written)


Dear @vix,

Thanks for your suggestion, we have corrected it.