Additional fonts on WinCE7 V1.4b4 for iMX6

Chinese font is installed on WinCE7 v1.4b4 on Colibri iMX6. Required font file and registry setting are done successfully by CAB file. Registry is saved. After power cycle, Chinese character can not be displayed. On wince7 v1.3.1, it is okay. Is it related to asycn flashdisk mounting on v1.4b4? Flashdisk is not ready when kernel is booting. How can I load font file for wince kernel on v1.4b4 ?

Dear @toradex.questioner,

Thank you for contacting support.

We are seeing a few issues as like you reported due to ASYNC load driver feature on v1.4B2 onwards. We are planned to discuss in our R&D meeting and would like to get back to you after that.

Meanwhile, you can disable Async driver loading and work on 1.4Bx image.

Please let us know if you have any other question.

Dear @toradex.questioner,

We discussed this in R&D team meeting last week and decided not change Async driver loading on 1.4 final release. We are planning to look into the topic after 1.4 final release and try to find a generic solution to the problem. So, as of now disabling async driver loading is a workaround for the problem.

Please let me know if you any other questions.

Thank you

Ok, thanks for your update!

Here’s a solution that does not involve disabling asynchronous loading (even if it may slow down a bit boot).
Add those entries to your registry:




I tested this on image 1.5b4 and I can see Chinese characters in my test application.

We experienced the same problems with Asian fonts and disabling async driver loading disturbed mounting the FlashDisk (see

The latest changes in the registry fix our issue. Thanks.