Adding Toradex extension support to existing ASP.NET Core application

Is it possible to add support for the Toradex extension to an existing ASP.NET project? I have a project that is undergoing current development, but now need to make it “Toradex extension aware” for containerized deployment on TorizonCore. Is this supported or do I have to create a new ASP.NET project using the extension and then port the existing code into the new project?


There is no super simple way to do this. It’s more of a Visual Studio Code thing since unlike Visual Studio there is no formal “import project” function. Therefore probably the best approach would be a simple copy and paste. It’d be similar to how we have it outlined here in this example where we copy existing project code:

So yes to answer your question you generally just have to create a new project with the extension then copy the source code into this project.

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