Adding custom splashscreen from open-embedded


I would like to add my custom logo as splashscreen from my open-embedded recipes. Is there any examples or materials to update the splashscreen logo from recipes ?

Thank you in advance


Hi Uvi

You can check this site to add you custom splashscreen to kernel build.

Best regards, Jaski

thank you for the help. But my question was is there any automated script or recipe for adding the splashscreen without moving every time to the /driverts/video/logo/ with open embedded ?


Hi Uvi,

I had the same problem as well. See this post
where I had the same issue and the solution worked for me.

EDIT: This is a splash screen for U-Boot. If you want a splash for the Linux kernel, you need to create some patches that enable the custom logo and add it to the sources.

My way of doing this is to modify the defconfig file with your modifications and replace the one in the toradex’s layers (I know there should be a better way off but I didn’t explore it yet) and create a .bbappend that adds a patch to the custom 224 logo file.

Hope this helps

Best regards

hi uvi

there is no automated script or recipe, but you can patch the kernel yourself using .bbapend as it is described here.

Best regards, Jaski