Adding 32GB external flash memory


I am planning to add a 32GB storage area to a colibri based design. Can you please suggest a compatible Single level cell (SLC) nand flash? I would prefer to use SLC since they support more erase cycles.

I would be happy if you can also point me for possible reference designs.


I guess the easiest way is to add pci-e based ssd like ixora

The easiest way is to use SD card. You can also solder eMMC chip to your carrier board and use either existing SD card interface or USDHC2/USDHC4 in last case you will need to modify Devise Tree to enable them and adjust change pin muxing.
For raw nand please refer to Chapter 2,62 NAND of Colibri iMX6 Datasheet and MXP iMX6S reference manual.

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Would you agree if I rephrase my statement as
“In terms of achieving best flash wear protection performance and robustness, the easiest way is to add a pci-e based ssd”

AFAIK, SSDs have better internal protection mechanisms than eMMCs

I guess that ultimately depends on the particular make/model of device chosen. Plus remember that there is no PCIe available on Colibris.

I am facing almost same issue - adding 32GB of external storage to Colibri iMX7 when keeping future compatibility with Colibri iMX8. The external storage will be used for data only, OS is WEC2013 now, Linux or Torizon in the future. I think eMMC is the best soulution in our case. We plan it as an alternative assembly on our carrier board besides the microSD card socket.
Do you know if there are any compatibility issues with eMMC devices commoly available and use of 4 data wire SD card interface? Will there be any problem with the recovery mode as the eMMC will be impossible to remove during recovery?

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Could you ask a new Question and state your exact hardware and Software, please? Thanks.

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