Add kernel module - pca963x

I am currently working on integrating the PCA9634PW I2C LED driver module into my Torizon Core system.

I understand that the driver is available in the Linux source code for Toradex: leds-pca963x.c « leds « drivers - linux-toradex.git - Linux kernel for Apalis, Colibri and Verdin modules
However, I noticed that the PCA9634PW driver is not included in the Torizon Core build. running the following command:

zcat /proc/config.gz | grep -i pca963
# CONFIG_LEDS_PCA963X is not set

Is there a way I can enable this module?

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Hello @baska ,
Which Toradex module are you using?

Best regards,

Hello @josep.tx,

We are using Verdin AM62 Dual 1GB Wi-Fi / Bluetooth IT with latest nightly builds of TorizonCore

Hi @baska and @josep.tx !

I am looking for this answer as well, to work with pca9633.

Hi @baska , @geopaxpvtltd ,

Sorry for the delay. Your kernel module request has been accepted by the Torizon OS team and the config option should be enabled already in our latest Torizon OS 6 nightly builds:

Can you download our latest nightly builds and confirm the driver is in there?

Best regards,
Lucas Akira

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Hi @lucas_a.tx !

I can confrm it is working on the nightly 467.

Would the change also reflect in the RT versions? and would this change make its way into the monthly and quarterly relaeses?

Hi @geopaxpvtltd ,

This config addition should be present in all future versions of Torizon OS 6, including Monthly and Quarterly releases, as well as the RT variants.

Best regards,
Lucas Akira

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