Add/activate touchscreen driver gsl1680 to linux(yocto) system

Hello dear community, I have two displays with capacitive touch.

I was able to add the ft5x06 driver to kernel linux without problems. However gsl1680 driver requires an adaptation (as mentioned on the website).

If you could help me what steps to follow, do you have the driver file (driver.c)?. Will the option be enabled in the kernel?

Very grateful for your support

Unfortunately, that gsl1680 looks like some rather crappy touch solution. While there seem to exist various downstream Linux drivers for it, they all require further integration. Plus the real question is, whether or not you do have the proper matching device specific firmware for it.

Thanks for your reply. This is the screen I have (link), I suppose the firmware is (gslX680_311_5_F.h). I think I would have to match the repository code (silead.c) with the one offered by the screen (sunplus_gslX680.c) to work on the imx6, then add it to the device tree. That is the idea, right?

Yeah, you could try this out.

Best regards, Jaski

Hey, @carlossht! Did you manage to get the driver to work?

Hi jaimeibk, we are still working with the ft5x06 screen, the gsl1680 will be used in the future.

hehe I was hoping to get some help, because that is the cap touch controller on our display. Anyway, I will let you know how this goes as I make progress.