ADC sampling rate i.MX8


I would like to know what is the maximum sampling rate of the ADC on Apalis iMX8QM/Eval board that we can set, and whether it can be changed (through a function or probably with the device tree?).

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hi @majd.m

Could you provide the version of the Hardware and Software version of your module?

What is your application? What are you trying to do?

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hi @jaski.tx
HW: Evaluation Board Starter Kit V1.0A
SW: NXP i.MX Realease Distro 4.9.51-mx8-beta

I’m trying to read a sine wave values in a while loop. I would like to know the updating rate of the ADC output register.

Hi @majd.m

The sampling rate of the ADC Converter in Apalis iMX8QM is 24 MSamples/s.

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