ADC on Colibri T30 WCE8

Hello Comunity,

I want to use the ADC on the Colibri T30 (WCE8). I am searching for .dll to use the adc but I dont find anything.

The examples on your Page doesnt work on C#.

Is there a description how to use the adc DLL on C#?

Thank you very much.

Knock, Knock is there anybody?

my actual Problem in adc is, that the using of the adc.dll from Toradex will hang the board.

There ara any registry entrys? How to use the adc.dll I dont find description of any Toradex .dll

Thank you very much.

@Saphymo: I think you are using older lib version, get the dll’s from latest version V2.0Bis2686 and then try to compile.
Download from here: Toradex CE Libraries and Code Samples | Toradex Developer Center

Colibri T30, WCE7, BSP1.4

Dear raja.tx,

thank you for your quick answer.

I am using the aktual DLL names ADCLib_Dll from the Date 29.06.2015

I am listing the funktion, which work an which doesnt work.

This Funktion works:

  • Ac97Init
  • ReadADCChannel

This Funktion doesnt work:

  • Ac97DeInit

maybe I do use the funktion wrong, so may you have example code in C# for me?

Thank you very much.