ADC not working on IMX6 and WinCE Librarys V2.5

Hi dear support team,

We are in the process of porting our application from Apalis T30 under WinCE8 to the Apalis i.MX6. This should be an intermediate step in order to be able to give our customers longer support.
Here I noticed that reading the ADC with the WinCE Library V2.5 does not seem to work on the IMX6Q 1GB. I only get 0 values back. However, the function Adc_Read returns a 4. I also additionally executed the Adc_SetConfigInt(hPort, L"SavePower", 0, StoreVolatile) function.

i.MX6Q 1GB V1.1A (1.1D is ordered)
Ixora V1.2A
WinCE8 Image 1.8

HANDLE hADC1 = Adc_Init(L"ADC1");
double Value = 0.0;
if (hADC1 != NULL) {
  if (Adc_Open(hADC1) {
    BOOL config01 = Adc_SetConfigInt(hADC1, L"BitResolution", 12, StoreVolatile);
    BOOL config05 = Adc_SetConfigInt(hADC1, L"AvgSamples", 10, StoreVolatile);
    BOOL configxx = Adc_SetConfigInt(hADC1, L"SavePower", 0, StoreVolatile);
    if (config01 && config05 && configxx) {
      DWORD ReadValue1 = 0;
      DWORD RetVal = Adc_Read(hADC1, &ReadValue1, 4);
      if (RetVal > 0)
        Value = double(ReadValue1) / 1000000.0;

Hello again,
When I downgrade WinCE Library to V2.4 it seems to work.
I also found this from the beginning of last year:
Is this problem allready solved?

Yes, problem is solved and fix will be included in a next CElib release.

@alex.tx Is it already certain when the release will be published?

The source code for ADC library 2.4 and 2.5 are identical, so you can use ADC lib from 2.4 release.
Next CE library release date are not defined yet.

Hello JanP,

we just stayed on the 2.4 version and didn’t update to 2.5.

The problem just happened on the release build of the ce libs, regardless of using the static lib or the dll.

OK! Thanks a lot. I will downgrade the library.
Of cause it would be nice to have the fix for Can_Deinit in V2.5. But I can comment out that statement, what we allready did in the past.