ADC in kernel space

I am working with a imx6ull-colibri som.
BSP versio 5.6.0
I need to read adc inputs in the kernel space. I already have a .c kernel module that reads some gpios input, now I need to extend It to read ADC inputs too.
I couldnt find which driver ADC is using, I think that the driver that is using is vf610_adc because un device tree in ADC node: compatible = “fsl,imx6ul-adc”, “fsl,vf610-adc”;
Is this ok? The ADC driver is vf610?
I think that in my c program I have to use iio.

Yes the imX7 SOC uses the same IP block for ADC as VF6
Driver code can be found here .

Could you please explain your wider goal for using an ADC inputs in the kernel space?