ADC continuous mode on Verdin v1.1a

Hi @andrecurvello.tx,

I am not able to demonstrate the TLA2024 adc on the Verdin v1.1a hardware in continuous mode as I get permission errors from the files in /sys/bus/iio/devices/ following the example here:

My application is actually ok with single read mode but it would be nice to know this is working. Has anyone got it working on their hardware? We are using Torizon 5.1.



How exactly you did try to set a continuous mode? Which files you can not access at /sys/bus/iio/devices?

Could you provide more information about the steps you are following to set the ADC in Continuous mode, @edwaugh?

Hi both, I just followed your page that I linked. Are you confirming that it works for you? If so, I can have another go.

Hi @Edward,

I can confirm that the continuous mode for ADC is not implemented for Verdin iMX8M Mini.

Is this an important feature for you?

Just to leave as an answer, unfortunately, the ADC Continuous mode is not supported on Verdin iMX8M Mini.

I’ve made a proposal for its implementation, but as this feature is “low priority”, it may be declined or take some time to be implemented.

Best regards,
André Curvello