Acpi command package in toradex reference image

Hello All,

We are using yocto tdx-reference-multimedia-image on Apalis i.MX8. I am trying to use ‘acpi’ command here. But the command is not available in the image.

root@apalis-imx8-06958964:~# acpi -V
-sh: acpi: command not found

I am trying to add ‘acpi’ command package in the tdx-reference-multimedia-image, but I did not find which package provides this command.
Could you please help me to add this command in tdx-reference-multimedia-image?

Prathamesh Kulkarni

Our implementation does not support ACPI so technically you can add ‘acpi’ command to Linux image but it will be useless.
Could you please describe what problem do you want to solve by using ACPI command?

Hello @alex.tx ,
Thanks for your quick response, we want to read system parameters like thermal information, battery information, etc.
Could you please help us if there is any other utility for this?

Prathamesh Kulkarni

For thermal data please follow this article
We don’t have battery management out of box. You can use on board ADC to read battery voltage but you need to add some circuitry to your carrier board.