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how can I browse the folders on my device imx8+apalis evaluation board? When I turn it on, the following screen appears which does not allow me to access the folders.
Are there any quick commands?


I assume you’re expecting a graphical, desktop environment to appear when you boot up your device, just like your PC. TorizonCore is different in this regard:

  • TorizonCore doesn’t have a traditional native desktop environment installed where you can access files and do tasks graphically as you would do otherwise. The OS was specifically made to run user applications on containers, so it has as few natively installed programs as possible.

  • What you see on your screen is Portainer, a graphical application where you can manage containers

  • Portainer itself is running on a container, and in a simplified way that’s the only application where you can interact graphically by default, unless you change the containers.

  • We provide Portainer in our images as a starting point for the user, but you can at any time remove it and manage containers on the terminal with the docker commands directly.

The way you usually interact with TorizonCore itself is through SSH or serial connection, where you only see a terminal, similarly to accessing a remote server.

You can check this page: Linux Terminal Basics | Toradex Developer Center to see how to access the module via SSH from your PC.

Hope this clarifies things for you.

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Lucas Akira

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Thanks Lucas,
yes, I use ssh terminal via visual studio code.
I thought there was also a way to be able to browse folders and files directly from the device.

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