About using FT5x06

Dear Guzoo:
I´m trying to use your FT5x06 files and It seems that i´m not using the very same of you.
Can you please hand me the libs that you´re using? I mean, 1.9 version?
compilling with 2.0 or the preliminary of 2.1 isn´t working at all…
Please, ket me know i fyou can.

I´ve found the main problem that I have here, and it was that in my boards I have 4k7 PullUps resistances for I2C bus, and it seems to be inssuficient as the FT5x06 hapens to need 1k pull ups for the bus, and for the ctrl lines #RST and #INT. Now I have 1.5b2 image, and the original source code taken from @guzoo (with my own GPIOs) and it´s working! I´ve only have to try this in the official 1.4 image. The 1.5b2 image have something wrong with the uSD card that freeze the system when I try to access to uSD from the explorer…

Thanks a lot and I´ll keep sharing all that i have in my hands…

Sorry about not getting back to you sooner about the libs, Martin. I just read your answer and it looks like you’re OK now, so I guess I can safely ignore your request.

Yes Guzoo.
It´s ok now.