About Release Details

On page: http://developer.toradex.com/software/windows-embedded-compact/vf50-vf61-wec-software/release-details.
What does it mean “Status” = “Added”? Issue is fixed or not?
For example:
In verision V1.3beta2 (Release date: 2016-02-26):
Issue 15502 … Serial port crashes after about 40min … Added.
Does this trouble remains in V1.3beta2 version? What about next (V1.3beta3) version?

Thanks for answer.

In release notes you find all the issues that are fixed by that version → http://developer.toradex.com/software/windows-embedded-compact/vf50-vf61-wec-software/release-details?view=release-notes

In Release roadmap you can find issues that are not yet fixed and are planned for future → http://developer.toradex.com/software/windows-embedded-compact/vf50-vf61-wec-software/release-details?view=release-roadmap