7" Capacitive touch parallel display with Colibri Evaluation board - touch not working


We have connected 7" Parallel Capacitive Touch Display to Colibri Evaluation Board using the Unified Interface Display and Capacitive Touch Adapter.

After building the OS using Torizoncore Builder as per attached file
tcbuild.yaml (1.1 KB)
the display is working but the touch is not working.

We have cross-checked the connection made via adapter to SODIMM 28, SODIMM 30, SODIMM 194, SODIMM 196, GND, 3V3, and hardware connections are ok.

Are we missing something to make the touch work?

Thanks in advance.

You must either modify the Device Tree as described here or load the relevant Device Tree Overlay. For your specific case, it should be colibri-imx7_panel-cap-touch-7inch_adapter_overlay.dtbo.

Hi @alex.tx, thanks for the reply.

I had already applied the overlay if you look into the “tcbuild.yaml” file attached previously.

Also, I ran the following commands to verify that the overlay was applied correctly.

And yet the touchscreen doesn’t work.

If you are sure that all the required overlays are loaded correctly, please double-check your hardware connections.

Thanks for your inputs.
The touchscreen is working. The hardware connections were not correct. A ribbon cable was put in reverse order.