7" Capacitive Touch Display Availability?


My company is currently working on a project using the Toradex products. We require a 7" capacitive touch display and noticed that the availability of the one that replaced the Fusion version has been limited, to put it lightly.

Are there any plans to have a replacement display that will always be available?

Can someone from Toradex recommend a third party 7" capacitive display that will work with the Colibri iMX6 if a replacement display is not going to be available?

Thanks in advance.

I’d be very interested in this answer as well. I’ve been trawling the internet for weeks looking for a good capacitive 7" display, and have been frustrated with the available offerings. Unfortunately the Toradex displays don’t use a square pixel pitch, so aren’t suitable for my particular application.

Displays are a very special component in terms of procurement. Usually they change rather quick and it’s important to have a good display supplier who can fit all the needs which can be very different for each customer use-case. Toradex is definitely not an expert when it comes to displays. We will have our 7" parallel displays available in the webshop in the future again (for detailed availability requests, please contact your local Toradex sales office) and will also make sure we have enough supply. But as jars121 mentioned, it doesn’t fit all use-cases. So we recommend to work together with display experts. We and our customer have successfully worked with many of them, here a short list:
Christ Electronic Systems, DataModul, Glynn, Endrich, DLogic, and many more.

Hi All,

Few 7" capacitive touch display are mentioned in the following developer article:

Satyan Raj

Other companies as Glynn offers only 1000’s of displays,we need only 10-20…
ET070080DH6 disappeared from Toradex webshop, promised comes back in Q2 2019 ,it is right?
Excatly when?


Availability of the touch displays is expected late August / early September 2019.
We have just concluded the validation and verification of the displays. Unfortunately, the lead times are quite high, therefore the delay.