5V_SW pin TK1

Dear Community;

I was looking to the Ixora datasheet and I realized that there is a pin called 5V_SW. I wonder if that pin is like a GPIO and can be controlled via software. For our application would be really interesting.



Please, I want to know if it is controllable via software…


Hi Andermattu

No, 5V_SW is not a GPIO and cannot be controlled directly. It is also not connected using X1 connector to the module. However you can use the Pin POWER_ENABLE_MOCI (SODIMM 24) to control it.

Best regards, Jaski

Hi @jaski.tx ;

I think that is what I am looking for. I have been looking in Apalis TK1 and Ixora Datasheets and I have not found much information about POWER_ENABLE_MOCI . I have seen that it is 24MXM3 pin, it is declared as output and is used to enable the peripheral power supplies. However, I don’t’ found how to enable/disable this signal to control the 5Vs.

Thank you a lot.

POWER_ENABLE_MOCI really controls all peripheral power supplies on the carrier board. There is no way to only control 5V_SW. Such power actually gets enabled during the regular power-up sequence in hardware and this can not really easily be changed.

Hi @marcel.tx

And how can I control POWER_ENABLE_MOCI pin?

Thanks for your answer.

You can’t.

So I think I am misunderstanding something because @jaski.tx said "However you can use the Pin POWER_ENABLE_MOCI (SODIMM 24) to control it. "

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Andermutu

I am very sorry for the confusion. Marcel is right, you cannot control the Pin POWER_ENABLE_MOCI.

Beste regards, Jaski

Ok, thank you.