4 CCTV camera interface with Toradex Board

Dear All,

I need to interface the 4 CCTV cameras (audio, video, VCC, GND) to any development board and reading its data over 30fps for my real-time application.

Can anyone suggest to me any ready-to-go board or other ideas which I can deploy quickly?

Thanks & Best Regards,
Nikunj Patel

Hi @nikunjp26,

Thanks for contacting Toradex Community.

Can you please let us know which excat Colibri module you are using? Also such application need more processing and family like Apalis and Verdin should be considered for such requirement.

There are few ways to connect CCTV(Analog Camera) such as frame grabber modules over PCIe, USB3.0 or design your own circuit using such chip for specific use case.

Just to give one example Sensoray 1012 can be interfaced over miniPCie. Ofcource exact usecase and FPS needs to be considered while selecting such cards.

For further help for your requirement you can contact or share your details on support.in@toradex.com

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Ritesh Kumar

Dear Ritesh,

Is there any development board (colibri/toradex) Available on which we can test the 4 camera with this pci grabber board with full fps?

Thanks & Best regards,
Nikunj Patel

Hi @nikunjp26 ,

Our Apalis and Verdin family feature PCIe interface. As far as connection goes they can be connected over miniPCIe. Please check below link


If you futher need more clarification and interseted in discussion please send us mail on support.in@toradex.com we can schedule a meeting for same.

Thanks and Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar