2D GPS Application


I need to develop an application that can be used like a GPS navigator. The objective of this, is to be used in Precision Agriculture to show the route that the tractor is going.

The application, should be abble to load shapefiles and draw the map (from shape) and show a line by the route that the tractor is going (into the map).

Besides this, I need to read the shapefile information of the GPS coordinates. Acoording with the GPS coordinates, I need to read the respective data from shapefile.

To do this, I thought to use SpatialLite database to load the shapefiles and check the data from shapefiles acording the GPS coordinates. To draw the map, the OpenGL could be an alternative, but I’m not certain yet.

I have not experience with this kind of application. I would like to know some opinions about this. I believe that can exist some libraries to develop GPS application, because it is so common in the industry, What do you think? To check the data from shapefiles acording GPS coordinates, I thought in SpatialLite, because it’s offer a set of functions to check shapefile data from a GPS coordinate.

I don’t know yet, how I can draw a Shapefile map using OpenGL, and I don’t know if it is the better option for this, maybe you can suggest another way to develop.

I’m using embedded linux with yocto project and using Qt5 and QML to develop my application. My hardware is a Colibri iMX6.

Any thing that you can talk about this, I will be so grateful. I have some experience with QT and Qml, but I have not idea to work with GPS application.



Actually we from Toradex do not have deeper knowledge on location based and GIS applications.
So not much to comment from our side.

You could search if there already are bitbake recipes for libraries you might need for your application in certain layers here. A bunch of them seem to be in meta-oe.