10,1" LVDS display frozen


I’ve just recently managed to have the screen working. The touch is okay, mouse and keyboard working fine too etc…

Though when i tried to deploy a simple Qt console appliaction saying “hello world” to the board, via VSCode, the whole screen froze. On my desktop using in chrome using the (board IPadress):8840 checking the logs of the run container the “hello world” text was there.

Now i tried running the crank demo image, it all worked fine until i pressed the ‘x’ to close it and the screen froze again. On the desktop through portainer everything works just fine still, it didnt disconnect.

Best regards!

Hi @BoaheneJeffrey ,

Just to confirm, you’re using an Apalis iMX8, right? What carrier board are you using? What TorizonCore version is on the SoM?

Are you using the latest version of our VSCode Extension?

For the simple Qt application, was it created with C/C++ or with Python? What exact template did you use for your project (e.g. Qt core sample, QML sample, Qt for Python using QML)?

With the above information we can try reproducing the issue on our side.

Best regards,
Lucas Akira

Hi @BoaheneJeffrey, how are you?

Do you have any news on this topic? Have you been able to solve it?

Best regards,