1-Wire on VF50 with WinCE

Is it possible to use 1-wire interface with windows CE on VF50?
Does Toradex provide a standard solution/library for it?

Thanks in advance.

No. 1 - Wire protocol is not supported by Toradex. But you could use MemMapLibrary to access 1-Wire controllers registers directly and create your own “driver” in user mode.

Hello Community,

I answer to my question because it can helps others on this topic. @luka.tx thanks for your answer, I looked to the VF50 documentation and I understood there is no 1-wire controller. And it seem to be confirm in the Toradex Datasheet :

5.13 OWR (One Wire) Colibri VFxx does not feature a One Wire interface.

For the community information, I successfully interfaced a 1-wire temperature sensor (DS18B20) with a VF50 module and a Viola carrier board.

The idea is to use a standard UART to act as a 1-wire master. By sending particular value at 9 600 bauds and 115 200 bauds it’s possible to reproduce the 1-wire timings.

More information on this application note : https://www.maximintegrated.com/en/app-notes/index.mvp/id/214

For the hardware we only need 2 transistors and 2 resistors to interface the UART with the 1 - wire bus.