Yocto populate mix of imx6ull/imx7 dtb files in /boot

Since we are using different colibries imx7/im6ull/…, it would be nice to bake for testing purposes *.wic image with 1) multiarch kernel and 2) mix of dtb files for different MACHINE’s populated in boot partition. That’s would allow booting different colibries from the same USB drive.

No problem doing multiarch kernel config and applying it via .bbappend, it boots well with required dtb files. But I don’t know how and which recipe filters out only imx7.dtb files when MACHINE is set to colibri-imx7. How to make imx6ull dtb files populated as well?
I would like to avoid copying *.dtb files manually, yocto takes too much time and electricity to not automate this task. It would be nice to skip building tezi / rootfs.tgz and other not necessary files.


Hi @Edward ,

Thanks for your question.

Maybe you should ask @Edward. He know’s his way around. :wink:

We’re having a look and come back to you ASAP.

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Hi @Edward ,

here’s an example of how we do it for our Colibri iMX6ULL.

Give this a try on your end and let us know if it worked.

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Hi @kevin.tx

Thanks, I was looking in .bb files.

But that’s common to all image recipes machine conf file, which would be nice to not touch.
Adding just something to KERNEL_DEVICETREE in my image recipe complains about missing dtb file.
KERNEL_DEVICETREE files seems being made in bbclass’es, which I can’t bbappend anything to. Hm.

Hi @Edward,

Just to point this out here. Multiarchitecture kernels and builds are not supported by Toradex out-of-the-box. We will try to help you on your journey nevertheless. :wink:

Our initial guess is that the dts file in question might not be compiled into the dtb that is missing for some reason. Can you check if the configuration to build this dts file is correct?

Let us know.

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Hi @kevin.tx,

Well, asking such questions i don’t expect exceptional help or support for what I’m asking about. I’m very new bee with Yocto, so I had a hope someone knows Yocto better and knows how to solve it right way.

Yes, dts is not compiled, because imx7 machine conf file tells to compile only imx7*.dtb’s. Looks like your suggestion to modify machine conf file is the most easiest one. I’d like to avoid touching conf file and add only bb’s and bbappend’s. If that’s not possible then some batch file to add required *.dtb’s to wic image could be better… But wic files seem being supported exclusively by Yocto. Looks like as wall that there’s no way to modify wic out of the Yocto high math…

Thanks Kevin for help. We can leave it as is. I thought it should be easy to make universal armhf USB to use on all our Colibries.